Westerlind outdoor a new conscious outdoorsy store to spend all of your money in

Great vibes from the outdoor active clothing scene in New York

Goddamn Westerlind Outdoor. A shop from New York that is basically full of really fucking great stuff. Encapsulating the very of the moment feeling of a connectedness with nature and outdoorsy activities they stock everything from Andwander to Rab to Goldwin to their own label. It's all banging whether or not you want to be doused head to toe in technical fabrics or wrapped in wool and whether you're cycling in the city or actually out in nature somewhere. It would be super interesting to see if a break down of people who are shopping for the look vs people who are shopping to use these kinds of products in the outdoors. You would imagine, from my cynical position at least, that almost no one was spending these comparatively large sums of money on jackets only to go and dirty them up on a mountain, but then again what the fuck do I know.

Image of the Westerlind Climbing Collection.

Regardless of your locale and inclinations these are some really great products designed in a really cool way. Some made by Westerlind and some a careful edit of brands with a cross over of ethos. This would probably well near the top of the list of stores to check out in New York, along with the Goldwin standalone.

The own brand label comes hard with the outdoor references, in fact, I am pretty sure that they took the idea of climbing equipment from yesteryear and created this beautiful all white (does it matter if it gets dirty if you're rock climbing? That's a little different to getting Teriyaki sauce all down it) collection that definitely speaks to me. I hear it calling, it keeps saying that I need it.

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