Ten C AW18

Tonal layering from garment design masters

Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti's most recent release of clothes that make you look at what is truly there, not just what appears to be. Ten C stands for something, not just The Emperor's New Clothes but an approach to garment design that is way above fashion and hype. It's about creating a range of styles that comprise classic shapes that only very occasionally come in different fabrics. When they do the fabrics create an ulterior concept to the previous one. The Parka for example comes in a nylon/polyester micro fibre and also a triple layer waterproof material with bonded seams and thermo presses. Don't forget about the interchangeable liners as well, they're important, from the full hooded and trimmed padded version to the one that's just the hood.

The look book has images in that looks as though they've been location scouting for Blade Runner 2049. Landscapes that look as though they're a gradient of colour that happen to have other things like the sea and the sky left in by accident. Beautiful stuff. As is the house in the background. You just know that the rest of it and the inside are going to be stunning. We can only imagine. Aspirational jackets for an aspirational lifestyle and location with a strong leaning towards a dystopian future. Available at Ten C online and a host of excellent stockists.