rosen-x - new frontiers

A technical line from Avant Garde label

Rosen-X: the one woman and some tailors show brings a new take to techwear with a new line. It's a fresh take on a very modern perspective and is making Rosen very quickly become one of our favourite brands.

Switching from doing things in mostly natural fibres to completely synthetic is the kind of thing that on paper seems easy but in practice is not. Moving from cottons and silks to things like Taslan Nylon or 100 Denier 4 way stretch Nylon in fact completely changes things. The fabrics drape differently and it probably behaves differently on a sewing machine too. So it's no mean feat that the first collection turned out so fucking good when we consider that Ms Ventus has kept the same manufacturing set up as the last time we talked to her.

The collection keeps in theme with the Rosen mainline, though a few pieces smaller, and there are some direct links home – The Aegir pant bares similarity to the O'Ren trouser in the Rosen collection. In terms of aesthetics, it feels like we've jumped forward in time. It's as if we've booted in to a new system, albeit one with familiar silhouettes. We're clearly tapping in to techwear here, there's no doubt about that, but we're also definitely not throwing 15 pockets on for the sake of it, chucking Gore-Tex everywhere. These are, once again, well designed and thought through pieces that are made to compliment what you already have. It ain't easy to do that either, subtlety.

That Noragi with the buckle might be the best thing that I've seen in a long time too. Shop the collection here.