Custom Prototype

There's a lot to be said for first impressions. Korean brand Post Archive Faction (formerly RSST) based their collection on the first impressions of the label and the wearer on the first interactions with the collection. Which when you think about it is impossible to actually do. How can you base something on something that hasn't happened yet. Maybe it's conjecture, maybe I don't understand. Anyway, there's a definite feeling of Kosuke Tsumura's Final Home project in the lines through jackets but the brand go above and beyond that to create something that feels distinctly modern through it's fabric choice and cuts of the sportswear themed pieces. Trousers that tie at the end, transparent plastic outerwear, side bags, neon yellow and suiting that's not suiting but it is. It's all right now and right this minute.

AND THEN they went and made what is probably the best video of this season, if not last year and or, maybe even, this year too. Talk about a talking point. Talk about an idea. Fuck it. Burn it all to the ground.