Nanamica is admittedly my favourite brand. In the world at the moment, to wear and to look at online and everything in between. I love the cut, I love the fabrics, they're Japanese and I love that the tag line to the brand is ONE OCEAN ALL LANDS because you know what, that shit is mad important. I'm not going to quote boring sealife statistics at you but we all know that the ocean is full of plastic, pollutants and fish jizz. It doesn't need any more shit being put in there at all.

For this particular look book I'm not actually going to describe anything, you can look with your own eyes at all the classic lines and nice fabrics and colours and wonder what they're like to touch and what kind of extra little details they will have thrown in there. You can wonder on your own about what it feels like to try some of those pieces on and what it's like to buy one and count on it as your new favourite thing to wear or to be your latest daily staple. As someone that owns exactly two pieces from this brand I can tell you that it's fucking great. You should go ahead and pull the trigger on this because it's as good as it seems. Yes, it's not cheap. I wouldn't even stretch as far to say that it's all that affordable but for me it's been worth it in terms of the number of times I've worn these pieces. I have a white oxford shirt that I can't stop spilling shit on and a pair of white joggers which are an amazing jersey fabric which are also white and I spill stuff on those too but the main takeaway is that Nanamica is great and not that white clothing is tricky for messy people.

This is not every page of the look book but I think that you get an idea of what it's about with the ocean, great clothes and close ups of the fabric that dominates the collection. You know what's annoying about online and printed look books? You never ever quite get the feel for the fabric. It's okay though because this seems to come close but still, Nanamica is something to try on even if you never quite pull the trigger. An exercise in well made classics with an interesting twist, sort of like a Paul Smith you'd actually want to wear.