kapital - consistently blowing your mind

The Japanese brand once again come back with something genuinely new, interesting and exciting.

Kapital were one of the first brands that was featured on 502 Bad Gateway. This season they haven't disappointed with a number of garments that leave you feeling as much ooh as aah. This season is typically a-typical. It's very nice, quite weird in places and ultimately allows you to play a mental game of dress up.

Some of the product I'm like hey bro, what's going on there, why are you dressed like that and why are you on a chair? I'm not really a fan of flares though, probably because I'm short, but also because I'm a cool guy. What has me incredibly hyped for this is the fucking woven puffa material. I have spent a great deal of time looking at the photos and trying to work out how they manufactured it. I'm guessing that they had long tubes of stuffed fabric that they then wove in to a large shape that they then cut down. Alternatively, they could have woven it in to the correct shape initially and then sewn the outer seams. Either way, I want one.

This will drop with the rest of AW18. It's also pretty unseasonable to think about now, so maybe the next post will be something summery and fun, to keep everyone cool and relaxed. A revere collar shirt, or a visually pleasing air conditioning unit.

You can see the full collection at the Kapital website and cop pieces from places like Liberty and Mr Porter.