Han Kjobenhavn x Airwalk - questioning the circular nature of coolness

Will this be the start of the less cool skatebrands getting collabs?

Skateboard brands are all the rage these days. I would even go one further and say that it's the last truly great sub culture to have had a moment, although I am waiting with baited breath for emo to become cool. Literally. Cannot. Wait.

Skateboarding is an easy way to give a brand legitness or that mega buzzword authenticity, skateboarders are cool, man, but I think that brands are just trying to get product worn by the same people who wear Supreme. Coolness by way of association. If it weren't for Supreme then maybe the skaters would be wearing Osiris D3s and Airwalk trainers but they can't even do that any more because the culture has swung around and is making the uncool skate brands cool. Airwalk has a collaboration with Han Kjobenhavn and it's not as fucking lame as anything Airwalk should be. I was speaking about this with a friend of a similar age and we decided that we had missed Airwalk as a cool brand first time round so no offense to people who are maybe(?) out there thinking that Airwalk wasn't that bad. What it definitely is is a real original skate brand that was started in '86 so I suppose it is cool in that way, although not necessarily super aesthetically pleasing.

To understand some of the reasoning behind the collaboration check the video out with Jeff Staple and Kuni Shigeyuki (Creative Director of Mita sneakers – no I didn't know either) who are working on the Airwalk re-issue project.

The collection is a couple of trainers and a couple of green and black sweats and t-shirts. AND THEN THERE IS THE FUCKING SICK FAUX FUR COAT. You're telling me that's Airwalk? That one had to have come from the Danish side of the collaboration. This whole collaboration feels like more a licensing vibe than a fully collaborative effort, which is fine, it probably turned out better this way and avoids just say throwing your logo about on a t-shirt in a couple of colourways. The shoes are really cool too, a very interesting way of re-creating something using a different perspective.

This collaboration makes you think what could be next, are we going to see the Alien Workshop x Moncler mash up we've always been waiting for? Will the fashion/streetwear kids be queuing for the latest Gucci x Etnies fur lined monogrammed skate shoe? I won't be holding my breath but this is collaboration is a marker, Supreme already did Independent and Spitfire, who knows who's going to get relaunched next.