Frank Leder have a service which allows you to shop the store by request which is great. They send you an email after you fill out a few questions on the site. Then instead of sifting through piles of stuff that they’ll never have in your size they send you a email with some images in of things that they do have. If you’re short like me then they won’t send you anything with a 36” inside leg. It’s actually a very refreshing attitude to take towards online customer service, an area that’s always been lacking once you get past a nice layout and actually have to email someone with a question.

The lookbook that the brand have put together for the most current crop of product is reminiscent of action man, adventure and mid century cold war spying. The use of genuinely humorous props like the huge telescopic lens, vintage recording equipment or the classic large broadsheet news paper disguise. They’re riffing on the heritage of their native Berlin and the divide between East and West Germany which is excellent, so many brands do something kind of boring and staid to show their collection whether in a lookbook or a conventional fashion show but it appears that one of Frank Leder’s key attributes is to say fuck the rule book. It makes for a thought inducing experience, why don’t more stores or brands do this? Does it work? How can it be improved further?

Finally it is well worth checking out their Tradition line of what I will call beauty products but strictly speaking, and in classic Frank Leder style, that isn’t really what they are. Let’s take for example the Mint Tincture, a revitaliser that you can apply to the neck or wrists to pep your game up when you feel laggy and tired. Not many brands are doing anything like this at all, which makes everything about it so cool. The artwork for this line is sublime as well, wonderful watercolour paintings depicting the story behind the product.