D.TT.K Clear ma-1 bomber jacket

See all the construction, know all of the MA-1's secrets

Whoa hold on a minute, this bomber is see through. Not as in it's a Harry Potter style invisibility cloak but because it's got a fucking sick transparent outer layer and you can see the insides. Much like a see through game boy or one of those see through staplers which were cool. Or are still cool, I don't know if they're still around.

Regardless of other cool see through things, the idea behind this is obviously that it's fucking sick and you can play around with the colours. They've done one in black and in khaki which are your typical MA-1 colours. The Lining material shows through which is why the wadding has a neon tinge to it. The inner seams are kept the same so they have the black or the green. Kind of like a skeleton with the musculature and ligaments attached to it still.

This little piece of mastery is from a brand called D.TT.K and they are of course from Japan. I don't know if the world just assumes that anything coming out of Japan is cooler than things from other places but it sure as shit seems that way. D.TT.K stands for/is somewhat representative of Dettok. The guy that designs it is called Kazuma Detto. K goes at the end of Detto. Nice. They show at Tokyo fashion week and this particular jacket is available from Slam Jam which is one of just three European stockists so this could well be a brand that blows up in the near future. Indeed, they're getting ASAP Rocky and Quavo featured in their clothing and jewellery on the old instagram so they must be doing something right. Something like making extremely cool see through MA-1 jackets.

If only I was a youtuber I would buy the shit out of that and make lots of deep and cool content like naming six things that it would go really well with:

See through game boy

See through trousers

See straight through the haters coming at me

See through shirt

See through Comme des Garcons paper/plastic bag

See through your soul

Click here to spend £785 on a jacket. Now, before you say anything that's already with a discount.

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