Interview with Don Kaka: one off jackets, bespoke t-shirts, a Rolls Royce, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Merging art and craftsmanship Don Kaka is creating jackets that you will want to wear and are traceable through Blockchain.

Don Kaka is bridging the gap between crazy and acceptable; you know, just the right side of that line. You might be like "whoa, that’s a jacket in a cigar print with overlocked bright red detailing" but that's how all great stuff starts off. The cigar jacket is on the more out there end of the scale but there are other options as well including khaki hoodies and more textured and tonal fabrics. I emailed Don and asked him to answer a few questions and found him to be a really interesting and cool guy. Not a lot of brands would do the things that he is doing which only adds to the brand that he's building.

I’ve never seen the fabrics you use anywhere else and they’re incredible, what influences your choices when fabric sourcing?

- Thank you, in every industry one person does something and it catches on and everyone else does the same exact thing in slight variations, eventually you get an over saturated market. That essentially is what is going on in fashion now. Everyone is doing the same thing. I hate that, so I try to find the furthest thing possible from whats out there. Also since I only make one of each piece, I kind of look at them as little paintings which influence the fabric.

You’re an advocate of crypto currency and Block Chain, what’s the reason behind that?

- To start I think blockchain alone is going to run the future financial markets but anyway I got into cryptos from a friend like 6 months ago. And it was just another world. Months later I was about to have a pop up shop for a week, so I thought why don't I make it a cryptocurrency theme, then I took it a step further I got my brother and a developer and we made a program that records the process of creation directly onto the ethereum blockchain, then it generates a QR code so any one can scan it with their phones and see. After we put it out for free online so anyone can use it.

There’s a lot of art in and on the clothes, do you work with anyone else or is it all you?

- No, its literally 100% me. Everything from start to finish. I like it like that too. eventually when it gets too big for me too handle I'll bring people on board

Can you describe your process for creating?

- I wish there was some being from another planet channeling it to me, but I just do whatever I feel like, I don't know there really isnt a process other than make great shit.

What are you working on next?

- merging A.I into the clothes, thats as far as I can go on that.

Is there a story behind the Rolls Royce?

- Aha yes! I live in LA, I had a normal whatever car for a while then one day a lady crashed into the back of the car, but I could still drive the car and so I did. Then my brother was driving my car a few days later and someone completely smashed the back! So it was a goner. At that point I had to find another car, and just for fun I looked up rolls royces for sale online and saw one super cheap. I had a bit of money and I was like f this. I need that. So I went, saw it, fell in love. Then a few days later bought it. the craftsmanship of the old rolls and bentley's are unbeatable.

Check out Don Kaka's collection below, make sure to visit the website to find out more about Club 333 and go here for Finally if you're like hey what's a Blockchain then watch this video.