Words by Arjun Sohal.

​Chris turned up to the flat the other day in some next level duffle coat. I was in the middle of trying to turn on the PS4 so wasn’t paying full attention until he got in my way and I was like “bruh wtf move”, just before I nearly said that, something XXXtremley shiny caught my eye from the inside of his hood - a very specific shimmer that only one brand can attain - MONCLER (altho Uniqlo try their best to replicate it, bless 'em).

So I obviously stopped fucking around with the HD cable and trying to find the source button on this v confusing Samsung remote and preceded with the menswear grilling that a self confessed menswear garm dweeb would want to know.

Basically it’s a Moncler Colab with his brand from 2012, the collection comprised of 5 or 6 coats. All made in Italy™ (obvz)

The main material is a grey mélange flannel, which is one of the best materials in my opinion, super wearable, looks banging with literally any colour and fabric combo which makes it versatile and worth the investment as this coat costs the same as 4 months rent. I was unsure if it’s waterproof or not but I just threw some water over it and would comfortably call it ‘rain proof’ (which is more than shower proof but it ain’t Gore Tex flex waterproof).

The hood has a Raeburn-esque straps on the back which give it a point of difference from your BTEC Topman coat. The peak on it is the perfect length to keep the snow out of your face whilst you’re exploring off piste glaciers or jus keeping the drizzle out of your eyes on the way to the tube. It also has a removable ‘foul weather’ liner that attaches to the hood with a zip and fastens with Velcro.

It has double zips which give nearly any garm an automatic buy-a-bility from me, the pockets are similar to that of a suit, they’re flapped but if you want to make them jetted tuck 'em in.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest. Absolute flames 10/10, will try and find one on eBay.

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