I like that Christopher Raeburn has names for his collections like Dazzle, Cut N’ Shut and Borneo. Legit names that make you think of something distant to fashun. For AW18 he’s gone for Immerse which makes it sound like a bath bomb you got your ex from Lush in a of panic buying for Valentine’s day. Luckily, the collection takes inspiration from deep sea diving, not your ex’s favorite high street vegan friendly cosmetic chain.

This was my first time attending a runway show so I was too busy eyeing what was going on than the clothes tbh but, in general, it’s the perfect balance of wearability, menswear flames and ‘wtf is that’ in a good way.

Raeburn is Linking & BuildingTTM with Finisterre on a couple of the bits so there was loadsa wet suit materials, weird lobster gloves that made me think of Zoidberg from Futurama that have an elasticated wrist loop – perfect for that Ski season flex.

The garms that stood out for me were the geometric knits and this navy jacket with next level back detailing. I didn’t take any photos as I was too busy thinking to myself OMG THAT IS SLICK RICK.