Camden coffee

A legendary artisan, Camden Coffee is the place to go for the loud pack.

Camden High Street is by and large a massive dump but there are a few gems in and around the area. One of which is Camden Coffee and the old shopkeeper. This is a man who’s grumpy but not always, will talk to you but not always and will always, always sort you out with that Grade A Columbian grind. A genuine artisan. There are a range of blends and single origin grinds to choose from, each carefully roasted in the front of the shop. The smell is incredible. There’s a variety of roasts but the one that captures the imagination is the Mountain Blend. “What’s that then?” might well you ask, if the grinder and roaster are both on you might not hear the reply; “It’s the closest thing to Jamaican Blue Mountain outside of the island”. I have no idea how true it is but I know that if you drink three or four those bad boys a day then that’s you set, no need to sleep, all about the productivity.