auralee aw18

Evoking classic Armani and effortless cool

The thing that I found arresting about this Auralee collection, AW18, was the feel of the 35mm film and the drape of the clothing. It's interesting because the two are completely different mediums but have a shared identity. Cross pollination that is greater than the sum of it's parts.

The photography for me evokes that feeling of American Psycho, of ultra desirable Italian tailoring and a certain level of class. These are clothes to have espresso in, to enjoy a short trip on a yacht to the other side of the harbour and to finish business deals in. You could drink a martini at a bar or receive green eyed envy with your friends out and about. It's superlative.

To create something aspirational is relatively straightforward but the key piece of skill in this has been the aspirational nature of the entire brand experience without playing on conspicuous consumption; yeah these clothes might cost a lot but the beauty in them is, one can assume, the fabrics, but furthermore is relaxed and effortless nature of them. And that, friends, is something that is very hard to achieve.

I clocked these at Open As Usual which are generally purveyors of things that you would find desirable, made in Japan, hard to find elsewhere or unavailable anywhere else in the country. It's also worth a look.