Aime Leon Dore are a brand from NYC which have slowly gathered a loyal following by delivering strong pieces season in season out. The looks books feature the same model and the same creative direction but it's a winning formula so why fuck with it. This season it feels like they've pretty much tripled the number of products in the collection so they either copped some investment or took out a loan or the AW17 went really, really, really well. But who cares about the financials or the rest of it, the come up is that there's bare cool shit. Fuck me, some of the tie dye and even just the looks in general made me go ahhh shiiiit.

The Patagonia tribute (a kind way of putting it) especially got me excited to the point of trying to work out how much it would be to pay off on a credit card before my interest free runs out. It's the tie dye, script logo and rugby shirts that makes you immediately go and seek out the other guy who knows about it in the office.

The brand do other interesting things too most notably organising and funding a basketball competition in each season of the year. That's pretty dope, they kit out all the players too and it's a cool way to give back to the area that the brand came from. They have also created a photo exhibit where you could buy prints in frames of classic New York cultural items: original hip hop cassettes, Phillie blunt wraps, pagers and Jordan 1s. It was a direct way of combining art and their inspiration in an accessible and beautiful way. Much like their soundcloud mixes which you can't not have these days.

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