Advisory Board Crystals are what you need in 2018

Advisory Board Crystals collections and crystals are released whenever they are ready from the duo's LA base.

Crystals are, to use a cliché, a bit like Marmite. Fuck me that's a tired cliché, I'm sorry that I even wrote that out. There's an element of truth in that crystals are easy to scoff at out, or rather it's easy to scoff at the healing properties of crystals. Perhaps that's an unfair point of view from the cynical and jaded, or maybe crystals don't have healing properties. Who knows, I won't comment further.

Either way what I like about this brand is that they combine something not really fashion related with clothes in a new and refreshing way. They've got a cool name and cool clothes and cool crystals. Remington Guest and Heather Haber are the guys who run the label that they describe as:

Advisory Board Crystals functions as the contemporary iteration of a crystal shop inspired by the needs of the modern human with the desire to utilize the incredible properties of crystals as an integral addition to the art of daily life."

They're just trying to elevate your life, a noble cause, a worthy aim. Ultimately though along with the crystals and slightly left field nature they make banging clothes. A exclusive collection with Grailed and nominated in Highsnobiety's brands that made 2017 worth living in (or whatever it was called, who cares) they have had the relevant stamps of authority. This is a brand that you should buy this year before it gets all cool and everyone who you're cooler than wears it before you and you go down the long and winding road of existential crisis because of a t-shirt. Luckily when that happens you can go and buy a Quartz Epidote to realign yourself, just remember you gotta recharge them in the moonlight.

The key to the purchase is to understand that they're following an unseasonal approach where the drops are just drops and they'll make a collection here or a collection there. It makes it refreshing because they're not trying to fit in to that 4/4 house beat of AW-SS-AW-SS again and again.

Advisory Board Crystals are available through their website.