A kind of guise ss18 - the golden nugget

A neon drenched adventure through time to 1970s Las Vegas

Damn. A Kind Of Guise have killed it once again with the creative lookbook and the sick fucking clothes. For Spring Summer this year aka what's available right now they took a trip to the US to shoot the clothes on a group of randoms with mullets and weird facial hair.

Shot in Nevada the lookbook and collection are trying to channel 1970s Las Vegas. As someone who has only been to Las Vegas for 72 hours I would say there's a good chance that it's successful. The video that was made to go with the collection and images is well worth watching, usually videos like this are sort of superfluous and lack any kind of style or substance but this one is fucking great. The hazy vhs effects and lurid scenes combine in a way that makes it greater than the sum of it's parts. The excellent voice over helps as well.

A Kind Of Guise have dropped eyewear for this season too. As you would expect from a brand that only really make really, really beautiful clothing each of the styles is fucking nice. Some great interaction with the colours of the lenses and the colours of the frames. Acetates from Mazzucchelli and the lenses are Zeiss. So all in all a very impressive offering and importantly not something made by Luxottica.

Check out the video below and the looks beneath. They're all really great. Weirdly, they're all totally believable as non 1970s hustlers and pimps clothes. You can wear them in your own way without the reference being overtly direct; a nice jacket is a nice jacket, a well cut shirt remains well cut.

Also, if you want to check out the guy who did the music he has a couple of nice mixes that are a chill housey vibe. His name is Obalski.

Want more lookbook action? Check out Olderbrother's 35mm natural dyed utopia below