A Kind Of Guise have an unbelievably beautiful store in Berlin which I visited and bought a jacket from. In the sale as well, I do alright sometimes. The beautiful thing about this brand apart from the materials, wonderful photography, well thought out design and nice e-com styling and instore customer service is how fucking cool it makes you look. It’s got that in the know kind of appeal where someone may approach you and ask if it’s A Kind Of Guise, to which you would reply “Why yes it is my friend of excellent taste, yes it is indeed”.

The lookbook that they have put together for this season, that you can buy right now aka AW17, is pretty cool as well. Who doesn’t love carp? It’s even titled something Japanese. The best thing about it is that it acts as a little teaser of what’s to come – some of the shirt jackets have really nice linings and the fabrics and details aren’t totally given away. When you go to the online store the brand doesn’t let up there either; beautiful photography, done with a wry smile, lets you in on some nice aspects of the garments.

They are fairly transparent for a clothing brand and often put a little label in the product to let you know where the material comes from or where it was made which is usually a combination of Japan, Italy and Germany. I think that the amount of traction that anything made in Japan gets these days is borderline ridiculous. An overload of soft power, but that’s probably a thought for another day. We can simply lie back and relax and wonder how much of our mediocre pay we are willing to part with to get a kimono cardigan hybrid, like a Prius but a million times better.